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We are the market leader in lift media advertising in Singapore, using technology to deliver engaging lifestyle messaging that informs, educates, and engages our viewers. With an approximate of 7.5 million unique daily views, we have the capability to broadcast, narrowcast, and hyper-localize messages, connecting with our audience at all levels. 

Our Story

Established in May 2018, Target Media is a joint venture between Focus Media Group and SPH Media. 

Our parent company, Focus Media Group listed on Shenzhen Exchange since 2015, stands as China's pioneer and undisputed global market leader in lift media advertising solutions with market capitalization of over CNY93Billion (as of March 2023). The Group’s digital media advertising network has extended beyond China, across Asia namely, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong,  Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and Dubai.

Target Media screens

Our media is part and parcel of the social fabric in our communities

The community will always be the source and reason for commerce.  It is the air that gives life to a product or service.


Target Media has the largest community share in Singapore, with more than 17,000 digital display screens covering 80% of public housing estates and a growing number of condominiums and commercial properties. 



  • Received Patron of Heritage Award from the National Heritage Board. 

  • Extended presence to clubhouses and foreign workers' dormitories. 


  • Surpassed 15,000 digital screens in HDB coverage. 

  • Expanded into more commercial buildings. 


  • Reached over 80% of HDB residents. 



  • Expanded HDB and Condominium networks to 8000+ screens islandwide.

  • Breakthrough with Town Councils. 


  • Surpassed 2000 digital screens in Condominium coverage. 

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