Advertisers / Agency

To attract, connect and inspire audiences with compelling content and innovative O2O engagements on our smart lift media network.

    • At Target Media we understand that to brands, AUDIENCES are everything.
    • We offer a unique and relevant lift media advertising solution that connect brands to audiences in their daily life journey.
    • We are present where it matters - the public HDB estates and private condo properties, home to 95% of Singapore’s residents.


Our competitive advantages


Captive audience environment

There is not a lot to do while in the HDB lift or waiting at the lift lobby. Thus, passengers are receptive to your brand messaging as they catch up on lifestyle content, entertainment and news headlines.


High Brand recall & Awareness

Nielsen’s Digital Brand Effect 2017 revealed that high frequency (5 – 9 times) is needed to drive brand recall and awareness.


EASE OF ENGAGING HDB & Condo residents

Note: 95% (approx. 5.3 million) local and non-local residents stay in HDB flats, ECs and condominiums.


Contextually relevant messaging

Every location has an "audience profile“. We deliver your brand messaging to the right audiences, in the right locations and at the right time.

We bring brands to life through our digital screens in lifts and at lift lobbies; displaying informative news, entertaining content, and engaging advertising to create a unique opportunity for our partners to reach out to a wider captive audience.

Our screens are well positioned to reach audiences at various touch points of their day and deliver relevant content through precise targeting to reach those on their journey to their workplaces and homes.