Terms and Conditions (Media Insertion Order)

  • Media insertion orders must be duly signed and endorsed; and submitted at least fourteen (14) days before the campaign start date.
  • Confirmation of media inventory (15-sec spot / 30-sec spot) is based on a first-come basis, subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • 15% agency commission applicable to all media packages.Unless otherwise stated, media campaigns will begin from Thursday, 6am and end by Wednesday, 12 midnight. 
  • All advertising-related materials are to be provided by the advertisers / agencies at least 7 working days prior to the start of campaign and subject to approval by Target Media Culcreative (TMCC) and/or the relevant authorities where necessary. 
  • In the absence of compliant commercial materials, TMCC will not be held responsible for delayed or erroneous campaigns.
  • Bookings shall be final and binding on the advertiser / agency upon submission and may not be cancelled or rescheduled, unless otherwise agreed by TMCC in writing.
  • 100% upfront payment required for direct advertisers
  • If any value-add is extended, it is exclusive to the stated campaign in this proposal only and not to be used as precedent for future campaign negotiations.
  • Package prices are subject to prevailing Government and Services Taxes (7% GST). 



  • Third party data charge of $0.75 per screen per creative upload applicable for all media campaigns (non-agency commissionable).


For more enquires, kindly contact TMCC Advertising Sales @ 6909 6783 or email : sales@targetmcc.com.sg 

No part of information stated in this document should be duplicated, disclosed or discussed with other parties without prior approval from TMCC.

TMCC reserves the right to amend pricing package and details at its discretion without prior notice.

To be read together with the T&Cs.

Terms & Conditions relating to Insertion Orders

  • All bookings and orders shall be made through Insertion Orders submitted by the Customer to the Company.
  • All Insertion Orders shall be final and binding on the Customer upon submission and subject in all respects to the Agreement, and shall not, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company, be terminated, withdrawn, cancelled, revised or rescheduled by the Customer. For the avoidance of doubt, no provision contained in any Insertion Order which is contrary to or inconsistent with the Agreement shall be valid or binding on the Company.
  • Insertion Orders shall be subject to acceptance by the Company in its absolute discretion and any acknowledgement of receipt of any Insertion Order by the Company shall not constitute acceptance of the Insertion Order by the Company. Only the broadcast or publication by the Company of any Content which is the subject of an Insertion Order shall constitute the acceptance of such Content by the Company.
  • Certain Content may be revised by the Company without notice if they do not meet its publishing or broadcast standards. The Company reserves the right to insert the word “advertisement” or “advertorial” in advertisements which simulate the editorial, news or programme format.
  • Where applicable, the Customer shall also submit to the Company all cue sheets providing details of all music and/or other materials synchronised in the Content prior to the scheduled broadcast date, and all such other information and materials as may be requested by the Company from time to time.
  • In addition to the general booking procedures set out in the Agreement, all Insertion Orders and Content must be submitted in accordance with the requirements and deadlines specified in the relevant rate card for each platform, such requirements and deadlines taking precedent over the other provisions of the Agreement in the event of a conflict.
  • All Insertion Orders shall be final and binding on the Customer upon submission and may not be cancelled or rescheduled, unless otherwise agreed by the Company in writing. If the Company agrees to a request for any cancellation or rescheduling, such cancellation or rescheduling shall be subject to an additional charge as a percentage which may be changed at any time in the sole discretion of the Company of the value of the Insertion Order to which the cancellation or rescheduling relates (and/or such other charges as may be specified in the relevant rate card for each platform), as follows:

(a) Less than 2 weeks to start of campaign – 100% of the value of the relevant Insertion Order; and

(b) Between 2 weeks to 4 weeks to start of campaign – 50% of the value of the relevant Insertion Order.