National Lifestyle

Close to 8,000 blocks of HDB flats are installed with our DDPs, totalling more than 15,000 and reaching 2.8m strong population.

We work with 16 Town Councils, Housing Development Board (HDB), key government ministries and prominent and local brand owners to deliver pertinent and interesting information to captive residents for at least 17 hours daily. 

Premium Residential

TMCC provides the largest outreach to the niche group of Singaporeans residing in private apartments and condominium. With more than 1,600 digital panels across 120 condominium projects island wide, we provide the ultimate and desirable touchpoint for advertisers to communicate with more than 100k affluent, time-scarce residents. The platform offers brand owners the unique opportunity to target and reach out exclusively to desired audience profiles.

In addition, we help brand owners deploy integrated ATL-BTL solutions by staging pop-up “stores” and organizing exclusive events in selected condominium developments.

PMETs Network

We work with esteemed partners such as Jurong Town Corporation, Business parks, and developers to install our digital panels in buildings such as Fushionopolis, Oxley Bizhub, Burlington Square, Changi Business Park, etc.

Our network provides advertisers with the ability to reach out to more than 6,000 business entities and their employees.

SME / Hyperlocal Network

As a local company, we understand the importance of SMEs and how localize business units play a vital role as the backbone of Singapore economy.

In the past two years, COVID19 situation has demonstrated that SMEs and local small businesses have to innovate and adopt digital technology to address their business challenges. Given our extensive media footprint across Singapore, we are best place to support local companies in maximizing their communication goals via adopting digital communication and expanding their outreach through our vast network of Digital Display Panels across Singapore.

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