Our People

We are a team of passionate innovators, marketers, thinkers, designers, explorers, and elevator enthusiats that are serious about bringing Smart Lift-centric media communications into our daily lives.

We love what we do and what we can do for you.

Our key business is providing in-lift smart media platforms, packed with appealing content on a vivid, digital format that is focused on growing audience engagement in community and commercial segments.

Lift advertising is a fast-growing phenomenon across Asia and is a highly-effective way to get your message to audiences across Residential segments in HDB estates and Condominiums. It is a key media channel to reach out to influential decision makers in the PMEBs segment, such as those working at MNCs and SMEs.

Target Media Culcreative is a new, vibrant and forward-looking joint-venture company backed by Singapore Press Holdings and China’s Focus Media Group. Launched in May 2018, and based in Singapore, we will introduce a smart media delivery platform across the island, with the aim to improve audience engagement efforts for community and commercial segments.