Insights for busy marketers

Audience insights

  • Time spent waiting for lift
  • Lift taking frequency
  • How many visuals were seen
  • What do you do when waiting for lift
  • Media channels exposed to and preferred
  • TMCC’s contribution towards Smart Nation

Creative Inputs

  • Use bright colours
    • Our eyes are naturally attracted to colourful things, hence your target audience will take notice of the interplay of colours. Dull colours, on the other hand, will not motivate viewers to pay attention to it
  • Colour contrast
    • In an out-of-home environment, there are many other elements fighting for your attention. Hence, a visual with non-contrasting colours (e.g. beige on white background or blue on black background) is bound to be ignored.
  • KISS
    • Keep it short and simple – given that each of the content frame is 15 secs, a cluttered image with many elements will surely fail to capture attention because audience will be put off by the “busy” visual. The trick is to develop a clever and succinct message. In another research study by MCI, it was found out that the maximum no. of words should not exceed 17
  • Less is more
    • Use simple, visible fonts. Do not introduce complicated font type as it is not easily readable. The audience must be able to grasp the main message within the airtime. Also take note to refrain from using more than 2 font types in the entire visual.
  • Use 1 strong image to focus attention
    • Whilst the temptation to put in many images to illustrate more points is strong, this approach is sure to backfire as the audience will end up not knowing where to focus their attention. Avoid using more than 2 images where possible.

How to Amplify your campaign?

  • Message integration between top and bottom screen
    • Our eyes move in a “Z” motion, i.e., from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner. Our DDPs have a unique combination of top and bottom panels, and the top panel should be used to convey the most pertinent message of the campaign. Advertisers can use a combination of static and animation/video within the panels to deliver the USP of their products/services
  • Use animation to attract eyeballs
    • Based on thousands of campaigns handled by TMCC, we realized that animated campaign is effective in capturing attention. Videos are not necessary if budget is a constraint – by introducing simple animation to some of the elements within the visual, the audience will likely pay attention to the moving objects
  • O2O deployment
    • Living with COVID is the new normal and whipping out our phone to capture any QR code has also become a way of life. Zapping the code from our Online Screen and reading the information embedded behind the code via your mobile phone -what is termed as O2O – is the way to go for your campaign as the information from the code resides in your mobile device and allows you to consume the information at your own pace.
  • Include subtitles for video
    • Our DDP encourages content fluidity, i.e., a video cut for TVC, or online website can be used on our DDP easily via simple editing. However, advertisers need to bear in mind that whilst our DDPs are audio-enabled, out of consideration for the residents, the volume is often adjusted down, hence the sound clip from the video may not be audible. As such, introducing sub-titles for the video would be advisable.

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