Our Unique Selling Proposition

Broadcast Capability

panels nationwide


Reach close to
80%* HDB residents and
100,000 Condominium residents

* Source: HDB

residents have ever seen
our DDP at a lift lobby

** TMCC Digital Display Panel Usage and Perception Study 2020 ( n=1,500 )
Narrowcast Targeting

Ability to reach targeted pockets of
audience through our Smart Content
Management system


Our laser-sharp targeting ability to a certain precinct promises
better ROI as we reach the right audience at the right place,
at a right time.

Geo-Demographic & Behavioural Targeting

We help brands and business owners reduce ad
wastage by delivering more targeted campaigns to
maximise ROIs


Assist marketers to build 1st / 2nd party consumer data and
understand addressable audiences at scale while maintaining
consumer privacy at the highest standard

Garner Eyeballs & Enhances Recall

Strategic positioning of the DDP, in the lift or the lift
lobby, allows the messages to be communicated to a
captive audience in a close and intimate environment.


Average lift waiting time is 44 secs or 38 secs for their lift journey.

This allows for a captive and intimate setting, ripe to capture the audiences’ undivided attention to your content which allows for a situational frame of mind in receiving content and ad messages.

Increase Audience Engagement

Our DDPs have demonstrated a
strong capability in registering high CTA,
evidenced by the various post advertising recall
studies which we have commissioned.


We have conducted numerous post-campaign research which
reveals latent opportunities for CTAs with more than 50% of
audiences open to CTA instructions if its compelling enough.

Smart & Green

In tandem with Singapore’s aggressive push towards Smart
Nation Initiative, our DDPs address the issue of paper
wastage as we help to reduce the reliance on paper
notices, which are either plastered on the walls of the
common areas or delivered to each of the households.


Our DDPs enhances the efforts and time
for mass information dissemination
efficiently and effectively

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