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We thrive on pushing boundaries and reshaping the future of digital out-of-home marketing. 

Multiple touchpoints for vital micro moments of engagements

  • Achieve unduplicated campaign reach and minimise ad wastage through smarter audience segmentation and targeting. 

  • Overcome "banner blindness" and ad-blocking behaviour with contextual placement of advertising messages at the right time to the right audiences at the right places.

  • Reinforce Online-to-Offline and Offline-to-Online activations. 

  • With our extensive audience consumption insights and data analytics capabilities, our platforms offer ideal opportunities for targeting and re-targeting your desired audiences.

Target condo residents
Target office workers

Achieve purposeful media placement

  • Our screens are strategically positioned to engage captive audiences with minimal interference and high-frequency exposure. 

  • Our media provides the opportunity to target the right audience based on geo-demographic targeting. 

  • Achieve brand visibility through short and succinct messages with high exposure and frequency on our network.

Smart audience targeting capabilities

Backed by a repository of data analytics on consumer behaviour and consumption pattern, our media is capable of: 

  • Broadcasting nationally

  • Geographical targeting residents in specific HDB divisions, towns, or neighbourhoods islandwide. 

  • Tailoring your messages based on demographics such as age, marital status, income, and more. 

  • Surgical targeting through behavioural insights and understanding consumer habits and spending preferences.

Target HDB residents

Our Unique Solutions

Geo-Demographic & Behaviour Targeting 

  • Reduce ad wastage and maximize ROI for brands and businesses through targeted campaigns. 

  • Assist marketers to build first/second-party consumer data and understand addressable audiences while maintaining privacy standards. 


  • Laser-sharp targeting for better ROI, reaching the right audience at the right place and time. 

  • Ability to reach specific audience segments through our Smart Content Management system. 


  • More than 17,500 digital screens nationwide. 

  • Reach 80% of HDB residents and 100,000 condominium residents. 

  • 92% of residents have seen our digital screens at lift lobbies or inside the lift. 

Smart &

  • In line with Singapore's Smart Nation Initiative, we reduce paper wastage by minimizing reliance on physical notices. 

  • Enhance efficient and effective mass information dissemination. 

Garner Eyeballs and Enhance Recall

  • Strategically placed screens in lifts or lobbies engage a captive audience in a close and intimate setting, ideal with an average 38 to 44-second wait time for uninterrupted content consumption. 

Vested Target Audience

  • Digital screens display essential information alongside ads to engage viewers. 

  • Our digital screens excel in driving high CTAs supported by commissioned studies. 

  • Post-campaign research shows over 50% audience openness to compelling CTAs. 

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